Office Lighting Designs

We are currently working on a lighting design for some new offices.

The importance of carrying out a lighting design is to ensure that the correct light outputs are given to suit the type of environment.

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External Display Lighting

The installation of new LED soffit lights have been installed to this property to enhance the architectural features of the building. The client wanted to add the ‘wow’ factor. The installation is subtle but affective and has also increased the lighting levels to give added security lighting.


External Soffit Lights

External Soffit Lights

External LED Down Lights

External LED Down Lights

LED Soffit Lights

LED Soffit Lights


LED Lighting Upgrade

As part of a larger project we have upgraded the existing 400w SON low bay light fittings to High Output LED low bay fittings. The photos below show (before) the commercial unit with the 400w SON light fittings, (during) with no light fittings and (after) with the new LED High Output light fittings. We have managed to achieve approximately  a 150% increase in light output and produce a more natural light, giving the affect of daylight. We have also managed to reduce the energy consumption by approximately 50%.



(Before) Existing 400w SON light fittings


(During) Caption of the Unit without any light fittings.


(After) New LED High Output Lights